Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fun-loving Halloween Wreath

I have seen a ton of tantalizing Halloween wreaths out in blogland this year.  I have a perfectly good Fall wreath that I put out every year for the entire season.  It has fall leaves and a scarecrow, so it works equally well for Halloween and Thanksgiving.  It really is fantastic, but I'm just starting to get a little tired of it.  And these new wreaths have been so cute.  When I realized that over half of my Halloween board on pinterest was wreaths, I decided to do something about my wreath craving.
Here are a few of the wreaths that have really caught my eye this season.
furry eyeball wreath
Fabric wreath
eyeball wreath
Yarn and Bat wreath

My absolute favorite is this cutey.
Halloween eyeball wreath
I just love this one!  And its all dollar store stuff.  I decided to use this wreath as my inspiration. So, I ran over to my store and see if I could find everything.
That's when I ran into Hilda the Witch.
Once I saw her, I knew that my wreath would take a small departure from my inspiration to include a witch on a broomstick. So, along with Hilda, these are the other purchases I made at the dollar store.
I wasn't sure how many packs of eyeballs to buy.  I bought 6, (12 eyeballs in each pack) but I only ended up using 3 packs.  My wreath has an 18in diameter.  First, I sprayed the wreath black.
While I was waiting for the wreath to cure, I tackled Hilda's refashion.   Then, I glued on Hilda onto the bottom of the wreath.
I added Spanish moss all around.
Added my Happy Halloween sign. 
I know I could have cut out my own letters and then decoupaged cute paper onto them.  The finished product would be one of a kind and probably cuter than what I currently have.  But the power of a speedy craft totally won the battle today.  It was nice to just be able to grab the sign and glue it on.  I was actually able to finish the project during naptime!  What a shocker!
Finally, I decided to add a few eyeballs and a few plastic bugs.
The boys helped me glue them on.  I had no real pattern, I just glued.
This wreath just makes me laugh when I see it.  It's just kinda fun!  It's tacky, kid-friendly, and full of Halloween cheer.  It isn't a wreath that says "I'm a grown-up with a house decorated as such."  This wreath screams, "I am a kid!"  Halloween is my favorite of the "fun" holidays.  Seriously, what is better that getting to play dress-up, gorging on junk food, and begging candy off the neighbors?  Yup, for such a fun-loving kid-friendly holiday, I needed a wreath to match the mood.   And this is what I get to enjoy everytime I look at my front door!

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Camille said...

Thank you so much for featuring my wreath!! I love the one you chose, turned out super cute :)

Melissa - LaLaBliss.blogspot.com said...

Great Job on your wreath and finding that witch! They didn't have that at my dollar store! Dang. And I love the moss - perfect touch!

Lindsay Mecham Hyatt said...

Absolutely love your wreath Leslie. What a great idea to refurbish that tacky witch--your end result was so darling. I love, love, love the eyeballs. Fun and perfectly creepy for Halloween!


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