Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Slipcovered Wing Chairs

Look at this chair.  Isn't it beautiful? 
For a while I have been stewing about my furniture arrangement in my living room.  I've wanted a couple of chairs to add to the space to fill it out a bit.  So, I've been casually looking the past few months for the perfect chairs at the right price.  Now, I'm sure that if I was better at escaping to the thriftstores and rummage sales daily or even weekly, I would have found something long before now.  However, shopping with 3 kids, active boys no less, is not quite on my favorite things-to-do list.  Luckily I scored on a pair of wing chairs recently.

 I knew they would be perfect in the space with a little transformation.  I love the lines of the chair and the legs.  The cushions are in great condition.  The blue fabric isn't even in that terrible of condition.  Its a little thin and worn in places but there were no holes or snags.   However, I don't like the blond stain on the legs.  If it had been a natural stain, I could have lived with it, but I really don't like opaque blond stained wood on anything.
 So, my transformation vision included painting the legs dark brown for a start.
The second half of my transformation plan involved giving the actual chairs a face lift.  Do you follow Miss Mustard Seed?  I adore her blog.  A while ago she wrote a tutorial series on sewing slipcovers, and I have been anxious to try my hand at them.  I knew these chairs would look fantastic in my living room covered in a nice natural canvas.  As per Miss Mustard Seed's instructions, I used painters' canvas drop clothes that I bleached and washed before sewing.  Then, after pinning and sewing and pinning and sewing for many hours, I am finished!   For instructions on making your own slipcover, please head over to Miss Mustard Seeds blog and watch her 6 part video series on sewing slipcovers.  Here is the link for the first video.

I just love the way these chairs turned out.  I can't stop admiring my handiwork.  I couldn't be happier!

Little pleats at the bottom edge.  Its fun to have a feminine touch here and there in such a boyish home!

I put buttons on the backs to close up the sides of the slipcover. 

I love having wing chairs in my room with my antique piano.   I also really love having more cream in the room.  When I first painted the chairs flanking the piano cream, I was worried that they looked weird since all of the other painted chairs in my house are various shades of blue and green, even though I loved the addition of the cream to the room.  Adding these wing chairs completes the look.   My living room is slowly starting to come together.  I will eventually be painting that corner curio cabinet (maybe green?), and I really could use a coffee table or ottoman in the room now.  I've also got a stack of fabric and pillow forms just waiting for me to take the time to sew into throw pillows for this room.  Maybe next week...  For now, I am going to enjoying curling up in one of the wing chairs reading a good book.


Mandie said...

You always do an amazing job, but WOW! Those chairs are fantastic! Absolutely love them!

April said...

Just stumbled on to this. Lovely.

Lindsay Mecham Hyatt said...

Wow! wow! wow! They are stunning.

corner curio cabinet said...

perfect! they are so lovely.


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