Thursday, July 28, 2011


I cut these letters back in June.  Yet, I am just now finishing them. I remember reading on someone's blog once that even if she doesn't get a seasonal project done before the holiday or the season is over, she will go ahead and finish the project even though she doesn't really have a chance to enjoy the project right then. The item gets packed away and she she has a nice little surprise waiting when she opens her boxes the next year.  I thought this was a really good idea.  Usually, I stuff the half completed project back into a box on a shelf in my craft room and forget about it for a year.  The holiday arrives again, and I still don't have the project completed and ready to enjoy.  So, I decided that for my 4th of July project ideas, none of which I completed earlier this month, I am going to finish them now, before moving on to my Autumn craft ideas.  That way I have something to look forward to next summer.  And, if next summer is as busy as this summer has been, I won't have time to craft in July again.
 This is how the letters looked this morning when I thought I was done.  I put them up and surveyed my work.   I just wasn't satisfied however.  The star has red glitter paper on it, but it just didn't stand out as much as I wanted.  Thus, the whole word was just lacking that extra little pizzazz.  So, I took down the star while I brainstormed for a minute or two.  I decided to add a couple more papers to make the star look a little bit more like a flag.   Doing this would cover up most of the red glitter, but I decided to take the risk.
 I love the result.  This is the look I was hoping to achieve.  Adding the blue star paper and red stripe paper finished the look of the star and as a result made the whole word cuter.
I couldn't be happier now with my star.
I will keep these letters up for a few days to enjoy them a little bit before putting them away.

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Lindsay Mecham Hyatt said...

I like the star a ton! Especially the red sparkles. :)


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