Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Furniture Facelifts

I had a couple chairs, a coffee table and a wicker loveseat that all needed a little TLC. I purchased the coffee table at Goodwill a few months ago intending on giving it a face lift as soon as the weather was warm enough for painting. It had numerous scratches and scuffs in the finish. So, I sanded it and then painted it a moss green. I also purchased the chairs at GW with the same intentiosn. After sanding the chairs, I spraypainted them in a couple different blues and then lightly distressed them to match the other mismatched dining room chairs I currently have that sport various shades of blue or green. My white wicker loveseat was just a little worn looking. The paint was faded and peeling. So, after sanding off the loose paint, I also spraypainted. With 3 cans of spraypaint and a new cushion, it looks as good as new. It also provides a couple extra seats for our family room. I forgot to take before pictures on most of the items, so you only get the afters.
Yuck! What ugly fabric. This was the newest of the fabrics on the chair's cushion. It had been recovered so many times that I ended up stripping this cushion back to the original bones and started fresh.
As you can see, the new fabric has blues and greens that match the rest of the decorations in the house.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


I just finished my SUMMER letters. I love the result. Now, I have all four seasons done.


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