Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pumpkin Candleholders

Check out these super easy, quick pumpkins! I wanted some cute candles for my dinner table on Halloween. I got the idea from my SIL only instead of using Mason jars, I used baby food jars and paint instead of mod podge and tissue paper. It was a very fast project. Maybe only 30min to make 6 jars. I kept the brush lines in the paint to resemble to lines found on a pumpkin. Just took a little orange and green paint, plus a little raffia. These are the perfect size for a tea light candle. The candle does make the jar get quite hot, so I plan on using the battery operated fake candles next time!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Modern Book Pumpkin

Modern Book Pumpkin
I copied this idea from my SIL Meagan.
Difficulty Level: Easy
Time: Plan on watching a couple movies while working on it!

Step 1: Take an old hardcover book and rip of the cover. Then, begin folding each page in half.
When my kindergartner saw me doing this, he was horrified that I was ruining a book! However, I quickly reassured him that we were actually recycling because I no longer needed an ancient thesaurus when I have it online. This pacified him!

Note: This step can take a long time depending on how may pages the book has. I would not recommend working on this craft during precious nap times; work on something more complicated then. This craft is perfect to work on while sitting around watching TV or hanging out at your MILs, etc. This book took me about 5 hours to fold.
Step 2: After folding all of the pages, you need to glue to spine together. I used a lot of hot glue but looking back, probably using E-6000 glue would have worked better.
Step 3: Glue the front and back pages together. This, along with gluing the spine of the book creates one continuous cylinder.
Well, almost continuous. You will definitely still have some gaping in the back.
But the front looks marvelous.

Step 4: Next, I glue a small branch to the top to form the stem of the pumpkin. My SIL made the stem from black craft foam, along with eyes, nose and mouth for a jack 'o lantern.

Step 5: I tied a little raffia around my stem.
Step 6: Then I tied a bow from orange wired ribbon.
And tada: the finished product! My book pumpkin. This pumpkin stands at 10inches tall plus the stem. I plan on making 2 more from different sized books to have a nice small, medium and large trio.


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