Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tree Skirt

I made this skirt in December with my mom when she came to stay after my son was born. We personalized each snowman to represent each person in my family.


My front door looks lonely for most of the year because I didn't have any wreaths except for a fall wreath I hang during October and November, a Christmas wreath in December, and an Easter Wreath during Easter. So for our craft nights in January and February this year, I decided to rectify the lonely door situation. So far, I have completed a January, February and a March wreath. I plan to make a generic flower/summer type wreath to use after Easter until summer ends. Then for July, I will make a patriotic wreath. As I finish them, I will post.

Monthly Quilts

Project: Monthly Wall Quilts

Inspiration: On a trip to Houston to visit my parents Oct 2007, I noticed a pattern for a Christmas Nativity Wall quilt that I thought was absolutely beautiful. I tend to craft a lot with my mom, so we each decided to make one of these quilts. I had a great time sewing it and finished it with just a few days before Christmas that year. The next Christmas (2008) I actually got to enjoy it the entire season. We were living in a duplex at the time with a wall above my kitchen sink instead of a window. I hung the quilt there and it really brightened my days to be able to look at something so pretty instead of a blank wall while doing dishes. When January rolled around I was so sad to take down the quilt and be faced with a boring wall again. Wouldn't it be nice if I had something to hang all the time? Or even something seasonal for every month? And thus the monthly wall quilt was born. I created a quilt for almost every month, with only the months May and June sharing a quilt. My plan was to create each month's quilt during 2009 for that month. I almost made it. I had all quilts finished by the end of 2009 except for the May quilt. I just finished the May quilt today!

How-to: 1. I took wooden tole painting patterns, clip art pics, original drawings, etc. and modified them in size and complexity to make them suitable for fabric appliques. On paper, I created the designs and quilt blocks to portray the various months.

2. I then took the drawings and traced the mirrow image pieces onto fusible web. Then, I ironed the pics onto the various fabrics and cut them out. Then, peel the paper off and iron the applique onto the background fabric.

3. Use embroidery floss and blanket stitch around each applique to finish.

4. Then, sew the blocks and strips together to form the top of the quilt.

5. Make tabs and sew on. Then sew on back and batting like a pillowcase. Turn rightside out, press and hand sew the hole closed.

6. Quilt the top.

7. Hang and enjoy.

Finished Product:

JanuaryFebruary MarchApril
May and June
Or June and August

Latest Creations!

I've decided to start a crafting blog as a way to journal the projects that I complete. Numerous people have expressed interest in seeing the sewing projects and other items that I make. However, my other blog is mostly a scrapbook of family activities. So, I thought it would be fun to have a separate blog full of pics of projects and maybe the occasional how-to. The next few posts will simply be a sampling of some of my most recent projects as I have forgotten to take photos of many of my crafts and I have given many of them away already.


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