Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Fashions #10, Organdy Ribbon Ruffle Shirt

A while ago, I came across these shirts for a steal at only $1 each.  I immediately planned on doing some sort of ruffled shirt.  Then, a couple of Fridays ago, my sewing machine bit the dust.  It ended up being more expensive to fix the machine than it cost 6 years ago brand new.  So, I ended up getting a new sewing machine.  This shirt is now my first finished project with it.  
 I really liked the bracket with the buttons on the side of the neckline.  So, I wanted to incorporate that detail into the design of the shirt.
 I didn't want to keep the long sleeves however since we are moving into spring/summer.  So, the first thing I did was chop them off. 
 Using the other shirt for fabric, I cut it open at the seams.  Then I cut 3/4in strips on the bias. 
Using a long stitch, I sewed a straight stitch 1/4in from one edge to form a ruffle. 
 I had some 1/2in purple organdy ribbon that matched perfectly that I decided to use to make ruffles too.  This time, I sewed down the middle of the ribbon.  I only barely gathered the ribbon, just enough so that it wasn't flat anymore. 
 Next, I layered the knit ruffles with the ribbon ruffle at the top on the shirt.  I was going for a slightly asymmetrical  look along the neckline. 
 Carefully sew the ruffles onto the shirt. 
 I like how the ruffles are aligned at the top edge but that the knit ruffle is longer.
Ruffles are now complete!
 Now, to tackle the sleeves.  I could have just cut them into cap sleeve shapes and hemmed the edges.  But, I loved the way the necklike ruffles turned out and I wanted something equally special and unique with the sleeves.  
 I decided to ruche the sleeves.  Using pins as markers, I created a gather with a long straight stitch.   After I adjusted the gather to a length I liked, I went back and sewed a regular length stitch over the top of the gather to keep it in place. 
 I hemmed the edges.  Then sewed a button onto the bottom of the ruching. 
 I like the whimsy of these sleeves.  

I can't wait to wear this shirt!  

 *I know that I have been making a lot of embellished tees lately.  If you're getting bored with this, don't fear! I'm changing it up next week.  I will be making a skirt with godets, something I have never before tackled.  So, stay tuned.


M said...

So very cute!

Lindsay Mecham Hyatt said...

I love this shirt, and those pictures look great! Personally, I never tire of the embellished tee's, but I'm excite to see the godet skirt, too!

Love your blog, always.

Abby said...

Very cute! I like the addition of ribbon to the ruffles

Mariska said...

Cute shirt, I love ruffles and embellished t-shirts :)


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