Saturday, March 5, 2011

Friday Fashions #7, Watermelon Pink Tee

I decided to make another embellished tee this week.  
 I found these cute tees on clearance for $1 each while I was running through walmart this week.   I decided I wanted to try vertical ruffles similar to Sachiko's shirt on Tea Rose Home.  I made my strips thinner.  The larger strip was 1 inch and the smaller was 1/2 inch thick.  Then I pinned them down the length of my shirt.  Buzz Lightyear finished watching his afternoon movie (Toy Story 3, what else!) before I was finished pinning.  So, he decided he wanted to help me a little.
 He was so proud of himself!  
 As you can see, the strip he pinned is a little wonky.  I had to fix it while he wasn't watching ;)
 Here it is after I sewed on the vertical ruffles.  I loved most of it.  The outside and middle strips are the same length and the short ones are 5" shorter.  I altered the alignment of the pink variegation for interest. 
I didn't like the neckline. It just seemed a little unfinished. 
 So I made an additional strip that I pinned around the neckline.  One strip wasn't quite enough, so I made a short 5" strip for the other shoulder.  That way, the variegated pink color was symmetrical at the shoulders.  

I kept a little space between the 2 strips for fabric flowers.   Again, I got the idea from Sachiko here.  I made 3 sets of circle with 3 sizes each. 

 Then I folded the circle into quarters. 
And sewed over the tip.  Then I unfolded a little, and made another little bunchy seam. 
This is what they look like unfolded. 

Then I hand stitched them to my shirt.  I am done!

My shirt is complete and ready to wear!


Jen said...

SUPER CUTE! I Love it!!!

Brent and April said...

Love it!

Daisy Chick said...

I love all your creations, they are darling.


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