Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"Home" Resized

Remember this "Home" decoration that I made back in January for my sister's birthday? 
Well, I had such a great time making it, that I decided that I would make HOME or another word of their choice for each of my sisters, sisters-in-law, Mom, mother-in-law and Grandma for birthday gifts.  Of course, I had this brilliant idea a month later and one SIL had already had her big day, and another SIL was having her big day the next week.  So, I've been running a little behind. Oops.   Still, better late than never.   I've already sent off Grandma's set, and she loves them.   For my SIL's set though, I knew she would prefer the letters to be a little larger.    The original letters are only about 6 inches tall at the tallest.   I resized all the letters and ornaments to be approximately 9 inches.  As you can see, those 3 inches have made quite a difference in the scale.

At first I wasn't sure if I liked the new size.  The ornaments just seemed so plain.  But, as soon as I added the tulle, buttons, rattan and other embellishments, I decided that I like this size just as much if not more than the original size.   And on the plus side, this was actually easier to make.  Yes, it took more wood and more paper. But, the cuts weren't as tiny on the saw, so I spent less time cutting and staining the wood.  

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