Sunday, January 30, 2011


I have been on pins and needles to make this post all week!.  I completed my first project with my scroll saw on Wednesday afternoon.  But, since it was a gift for my sister's birthday today, I didn't want to show the world before her!  So, today I get to reveal my creation.

I made my sis these cute HOME letters with 12 interchangable "O"s.   She has a different O for each month of the year.   I saw something similar at a craft boutique more than a year ago.  But those letters were much larger at 9" tall and 5" wide.  My sister is newly married, living in an apartment.  So, I thought something on a smaller scale would be better.  I made my letters 5" tall by 3"wide.   I stained the sides and backs of each piece with a walnut stain.  Then I decoupaged scrapbooking papers to the faces of each piece.  After the mod podge was dry, I varnished each letter.  Once the varnish was dry, I added various embellishments such as tulle, ribbon and buttons to the "O"s for the cuteness factor.
January: Snowman
February: Heart
March: Shamrock
April:  Easter Egg
May: Purple Flower
June: Watermelon
July: Star
August: Sunflower
September: Apple
October: Ghost
November: Pumpkin
December: Christmas Tree

Did I really give something so cute away?  I might just have to make another set for me...


Jen said...

So cute! So easy to interchange every month too. I love the idea!

Lindsay Mecham said...

I LOVE it, Leslie! It's so cute, and its is the perfect touch to my living room where it sits on the piano. I have a decoration! HOORAY!

Thanks again!


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