Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wedding Vests

My sister got married last week.  For the wedding, I made vests for my three sons as well as my new brother-in-law's 1yr old nephew.  The fabric was a silver, pewter and black brocade that matched the fabric of the groom's vest.  For Anakin and Buzz, I followed the Simplicity Pattern 4762.  For Mr. Bean and the other 1yr old, I followed the Butterick Pattern 6894.  If I had them to do over, I would add length to all 4 vests.  I made the right sizes according to the instructions and the width of the vests was perfect.  However, they seem a little short.  Other that that, I think the kids look extremely handsome.
Mr. Bean
Mr. Bean's partner in crime.  These 1yr olds are actually only 1 week apart in age, and they share the same first name!

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