Monday, January 10, 2011

Shadowbox Art

I recently finished 4 shadowbox frames for my family room. 

I found these shadowbox beauties just over a year ago one day when I was thrifting with my sils.   I knew they could look stunning with just a little fixing.  The large one was just $2 and the others were $.50 each.
I got as far as repainting, but then they got put on the back burner.  I finally decided to pull them out and finish them.
I knew that with some work they could look stunning in my family room.  We have our TV nestled into the middle nook.  I planned on putting the large box in one of the side nook and the 3 smaller boxes in the other side.
After painting the 3 small frames, I mod podged the backs with patterned papers in blues and green.  After that, I created stencils out of some left over contact paper that spelled Love, Family and Home
 And ta da : the finished product!

I love the result.  Quirky and fun.  

The big frame I struggled with.  I had vinyl letters that made the saying, "Family, A Journey to Forever" that I knew I would use when I bought it.  I painted the back and planned on mod podging fun paper just like the other boxes.  However, you could see the lines from one piece of paper to the next and I couldn't stand the result.  Next, I tried placing a sheet of patterned contact paper to the back.  Again, I disliked the result.  Thats when this project got placed on the backburner.  I finally decided that I would simply stencil a design for the background.  I hated the first result.  This looked too Native American, which just isn't my style.
But a simple harlequin is...
especially with a little antiquing stain around the edges.

I think the finished product is simply marvelous!

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