Thursday, February 3, 2011


So even though it is now February, I still wanted to complete this half finished project from January!  I cut out these wooen letters a couple weeks ago, but I have ADHD when it comes to crafting projects (I worked on HOME first!) So, I have been finishing these up this week.  However, since we have had severe winter cold temps, my stain and varnish took FOREVER to dry!  So, here we are today, Febuary 3, just barely finishing up a Winter craft when it is past time to be working on the Valentine's crafts.  I took this picture and I've already put these cuties in a box.  I will get to enjoy them next year! 
The S is the tallest letter at 11 inches.  I had a lot of fun cutting out the snowflake with my scroll saw.  It was a good project to practice a little bit more intricate cutting.  I stained the backs and sides of the letters with a walnut stain. Then, I decoupaged scrapbooking papers.  I added ribbons and embellishments next.  It doesn't show up on the photo, but there is white glitter on the snowflake.  A little bit of varnish later, and Ta Da!

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Lindsay M. Hyatt said...

I wish I could have craft nights with you. These are so cute!!! Love the snowflake.


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