Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Fashions #4, Embellished Blue Tee

This week, I wanted to try an embellished tee like so many of the tees that I have seen around. Here are a couple tutorials from blogs that I love that are my inspiration for today, and  Both of these ladies take 2 purchased tees to create their shirts.  One shirt they cut up for fabric to make the ruffled embellishments that they sew onto the remaining tee.  They are darling.  But, I had one problem.  I didn't have 2 plain matching tees and I didn't feel like dragging 3 little boys clothes shopping with me either.  However, I did have tons of this blue knit in my fabric stash.  I think this might have been in a bunch of fabric my mom gave to me, but I really can't remember.  I did have tons of it though and no immediate plans to sew anything else out of it.  So, I grabbed a tshirt pattern and started cutting.  Since I would be sewing my shirt from scratch, I cut out the pieces, and then cut out a bunch of 1.5 in fabric strips.  I made my ruffles out of the strips and then sewed them onto the front shirt piece before I sewed the shirt together.  That way, my fabric was flat and I didn't have to worry about all of the extra fabric getting in the way.
 I made a few swirls at the top left. 

And a few on the bottom right. 
 And one swirl on the bottom of each sleeve. 
 Time to go get ready for my date with Mr. Right!

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