Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Fashions #5-Keep Waiting!

 I am in the middle of sewing a beautiful, swishy, feminine, a-line skirt.  I need to add the invisible zipper and finish the hem.  But, I've had a super busy week and today, I am nowhere near my sewing machine.  So, the skirt will have to wait till Monday.   I promise I will post it then!  
But today, I did buy something for myself!  I love the DownEast Company's Wonder tee.  It covers what I need covered for modesty, but is tight enough that it is perfect for layering.  I've needed a new white and black shirt.  We happen to be in an area with a store this weekend, so I ran in quickly to purchase the needed tees. Well, there happened to be a 50% off all clearance items sale today.  Well, I couldn't resist a few snags.  I ended up with charcoal, blue and sage wonder tees as well as a blue, gray and purple shirts.  Shopping really can be fun!

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