Saturday, March 5, 2011

Window Treatments. Finally!

I have finally made curtains for all the windows of my main floor! Hooray!

I love this fabric; its the second time I have used it.  I used in my kitchen and powder room of my little cape cod house in Milwaukee.  I loved that cute little house.  It was an older home and as such had many small little rooms.  I painted each a different color  and had different fabrics for curtains throughout.
Well, my house here in Colorado is much larger and has a very open floor plan with a very tall vaulted ceiling in the living and dining room area.  The walls are painted the same warm taupe throughout, and with the layout and ceilings, the main floor kinda has to be the same color everywhere.  So, for the sake of unity, I wanted to have the same fabric for curtains throughout too.

I made these long panels months ago, but forgot to post!  I had several windows to do and making panels for each out of a solid length of this fabric wasn't really in my budget.  So, I bought these white panels at ikea and added the fabric band at the bottom and then in tabs at the top.  This way, I get to have the fabric I love within my budget.  I also really like having the white fabric.  With so much taupe everywhere and then most of my furniture I painted blue or green, I really like having the pop of white!

For the kitchen and breakfast nook areas, I just made small bands that I clipped to the curtain rods.  In these rooms especially, I didn't want to block the naturally light with a ton of fabric, so this was the best option for me. Its a pop of my color scheme to unify the house without taking away from the windows.

And it turns out that I really don't know how to take a nice photo of a window!  I have tried for days at different times and different lighting, but I just could get a good pic of any of the windows with the curtains.  Rest assured that my window treatments are a hundred times cuter in real life than here!

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Lindsay Mecham Hyatt said...

That's a GREAT idea to use the panels from Ikea and attach fabric to the tops and bottoms. Mom gave me some really pretty fabric she didn't want anymore but I'm afraid it would overwhelm my apartment if I made the whole length of curtain out of that fabric. I'm going to copy your idea!!

I love your blog; I always get a lot of great ideas from it.


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