Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My Lost Camera

So, my little Buzz Lightyear is quite the character.  One day in May while I was working on that pair of red chairs, I set the camera down on a shelf in the garage when I had to go inside to help Mr. Bean.    My mom and sisters were coming into town later that evening, and I just never made it back outside to work on the chairs or to collect my camera until the next day.  The next day, my camera wasn't on the shelf, and I couldn't find it anywhere else.  I searched high and low.  Nothing.  At the time, I thought that maybe I had just misplaced it and that I would find it soon.  So, I went about my business, enjoying time with my family and then crafting away sans pictures.
Well, a month went by and no camera. I still couldn't find it anywhere.  When I took to boys to Texas to visit my family, I finally broke down and bought a new camera.   But, I've still been very puzzled about my old one.  Where could it have gone?  If I had just misplaced it, I would have eventually found it.  My house can be messy and cluttered, but not that messy or cluttered.
I even asked the boys if they had seen it or taken it.  Both Anakin and Buzz like the camera and frequently ask to take pictures, Buzz especially.  Buzz was taking so many pictures with my camera that my mom, Mimi, got him a kid camera for his birthday back in February.   He denied seeing or taking my camera, so I dismissed that as a possibility.
Well, I guess I shouldn't have.  One evening last week when Mr. Right came home, he noticed the camera resting next to the piano bench.  Buzz was sitting right next to it.  Hmmmm.  When questioned, Buzz admitted that he had "found" the camera under Mimi's bed.  (The boys call our guest room Mimi's room because my mom is by far our most frequent overnight visitor!)  After looking at the over 100 pictures taken, I have concluded that Buzz didn't take all of them in one day.  There are pictures taken from multiple days.  So, clearly, Buzz took the camera and then hid it under then bed after having a few photo shoots.  Now the question remains if he always knew where the camera was, or did he forget about it and then just now find it? Either way, its nice to have the camera back.  I will continue to use our new camera because its a little nicer, but I love that we now have a backup camera too.  
Here is a small sampling of my kid's photography skills.  I have to say, he's not too bad for a 4 year-old.

Nook on the stairs still filled with Easter decorations.  I lost the camera mid May and they were still up then...
Underside of a lamp in Mimi's room.
Yoshi the turtle.  Notice the book with the tie as a bookmark?  I read that book to the boys 2 weeks ago. 
Cars stool in the bathroom?

Daddy's closest
Inside Mr. Bean's toy bin.
Me playing the piano with Anakin and Mr Bean and a sneak peak of my current project. 

Br Bean says cheese!

Like I said, these pictures aren't bad for a little kid.    Now, I just need to learn to put my camera away after every use so that this experience doesn't repeat itself!

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