Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Friday Fashions #17, Blue Striped Tank

Remember my very first Friday Fashion flop?  The blue striped raglan sleeve disaster?
If you don't, and would like a little laugh, feel free to check it out now.  
Oh, it is just hideous!
 But I love the fabric.  Its just kinda fun with the sparkles running through it.  It definitely has a summery vibe.
So why not remake the shirt with summer in mind?  I decided to change my flop into a tank top.
I cut off the top from starting where the sleeves attached and threw that fabric away.  I was left with a basic tube.   I turned it inside out and slipped it on.  With the help of a mirror, I pinned fitted the tube to my torso until I was happy with the fit.  Then I restitched the sides and hemmed the top and bottom. With my left over fabric, I cut out 2 long strips, each 2 inches wide.  I sewed each strip into a long tube to use as shoulder straps.  I pinned the straps into place and sewed.
And I ended up with a successful sewing project, a cool tank to wear during these hot summer months.

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