Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Fashions #13, FLOP!

TOTAL FLOP of a project today.  
I am rather bummed and totally ready to pack it up for now.  

Last night after I finished up some other projects, I was going through my fabric stacks and had absolutely no inspiration.  NONE.  I would pick up a piece and think about which one I had purchased the fabric for in the first place.  I didn't like anything.  Not my original ideas, not any new one either.  I was in a total creative funk.
Well today after lunch, I finally thought about this shirt.  I love this shirt, why not try to replicate it.  I like the raglan sleeves and the gathers in the bodice and sleeves.

I had this fabric.  A nice light weight knit.  I love the silver sparkles running through it.  
I didn't have a good t-shirt pattern with raglan sleeves.  Too many gathers in the original shirt for me to try and trace it.  And the closest fabric store is 25min drive away.   I just didn't have an hour+ to go shopping today.  So, I had to try and alter pattern already in my stash.
Bad idea.   I guess I have gotten a bit cocky lately, because all of my projects have worked lately.  So, I thought I would be able to make something work, no problem.  WRONG!  I had a tshirt pattern with an option for raglan sleeves that were off the shoulders.  So, I thought I could just add inches to the sleeves and necklines and I would be fine.   Well, what I ended up with was a shirt with a really wide boat neckline that was too tall in the back and sleeves, and surprisingly way too low in the front.  It bunched in all of the wrong places.  After pinning and fitting and resewing, repeat,  I thought I maybe had something that would work.  I then decided to add a ruffle to the neckline.  This action undid all of the good from my previous pinning, and I ended up with something just as hideous as ever.
The fit on this shirt is so bad I can't even take a pic of it on me, it is that awful.  I don't even know where to go from here with this shirt to fix it, and I am completely frustrated.   So, for today, I am puttingt away the sewing machine.  Maybe with some time I can get a little perspective and figure out what I can do.   For now, I am just wishing I had stuck to a basic shirt pattern that I know instead of wasting cute fabric on a flop.

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