Friday, April 1, 2011

My Apologies...

I'm running a little behind this week for Friday Fashions.  Well, more than a little behind.   I still have a few HOURS of sewing left to finish the skirt I've been working on for today.  I'm going to blame my tardiness on a few things!
1.  I've been totally absorbed in my UGLY ORANGE CHAIR restyle.   I just kept working on it yesterday instead of taking a break from it and beginning a fashion project for today.   So now, I am in the midst of a mess from 2 projects and neither is close to being finished.
2.  I worked last night.  While many people might say, big deal, let me explain.  As a nurse, I work 12 hour shifts, all night long from 7pm-7:30 am.   So, those quiet evening hours after the kids are in bed are lost to me for crafting purposes on the nights I work. I'm also exhausted after pulling an all-nighter.  I work many Thursday nights, but Mr. Right doesn't usually work on Fridays, thus enabling me to get a couple hours nap while he watches the kids.  This morning he had an orthodontist appointment though, so I came home from working all night to stay awake with my darlings all morning.  I did get a nap, but not until this afternoon, and I just wasn't really productive creatively this morning.
3. I wasn't productive creatively this morning because I was talking to my mom on the phone.  She trumps crafting for this blog.  So there!

I'm tired.  Its time for bed.  So goodnight to my 8 faithful followers!
I will finish up the skirt tomorrow and post accordingly.

1 comment:

Brent and April said...

Glad I beat an orange chair. haha. All the projects look great as always. You get so much accomplished.


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