Monday, April 11, 2011

I've Found a Twin!

Imagine my delight when I saw this chair will thrifting last week for only $2.99!  I'm giddy with excitement!  Of course I had to snatch it up, even though there is a small hole in the caning because look at it next to my Vanilla Oasis chair.
 They have they same scale and same look.  At first glance, they even appear identical (or they will once I redo this one!)
 There are of course some differences.  The size of the caning is different.  I might try to redo the caning.  I've been researching it online, but I'm not sure if I'm up for that challenge yet.  If I do replace it, then I could just buy the same size that I have on Vanilla Oasis.   The backs of the chairs are slightly different too.

And the legs are different.  But the overall look of the chairs is identical.  
So, now I pose a few questions.  Should I try to make these chairs look as identical as possible, or should I change things up a little?  When I just had Vanilla Oasis, she was going to live in my living room area.  But, now that I have 2 similar chairs, I have a great place in my family room where they could both be placed near each other with a small table and lamp in between them. 
I could definitely paint the chairs the same color.  But  I am stumped when it comes to the upholstery.  I don't quite have enough left-over camel colored fabric from Vanilla Oasis to make a perfect cushion. And I bought the fabric a long time ago, so I can't just buy more.  I'm close to having enough, so I could maybe seam a couple of the scrap pieces together for the seat as well as the underside of the cushion.  The seams would be in places that would be hidden, so no one would know but me.  But still.  The perfectionist in me is having a hard time with that thought.  My other option is to use a coordinating fabric.  This would make the chairs look like fraternal twins or just sisters, instead of identical.  
I happen to already have this tan and blue striped fabric.  Notice that it does coordinate with the camel.  I also have some matching solid blue that I could use for the piping.  Then, I could make throw pillows for both chairs out of the camel, blue, and the tan and blue striped.  
So,  I really need your opinions. Should I somehow patch the leftover camel-colored fabric together to make the cushion and seat?  Or, should I use this other fabric for the upholstery?   Please help!
Does it make a difference to know that in the family room I have a shag rug with chocolate brown, blue and tan colors?  Or that the side table and the coffee table are going to be painted that light blue color?
Please, give me your opinions!  Thanks!


Jen said...

Your style, in my opinion, is too eclectic to go with identical chairs. Plus that sounds like WAY more work. I think similar chairs but cute differences is the way to go for sure.

Lindsay Mecham Hyatt said...

I suggest painting the chair the same color, but using the blue and tan stripe fabric to upholster it. That would make them each unique, but still coordinated.

You could even sew a little pillow out of the left over camel fabric and set it on the new chair to tie it in, too.

Whatever you come up with will look FABULOUS. Can't wait to see these cute chairs in person. I may just need to read a book on Vanilla Oasis when I visit; it looks so relaxing. ;-)


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