Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dining Room Table Runner

 This has been a project a LONG time coming.  I had an extra length of fabric from my curtains when we lived back in Wisconsin that I was always planning to use for a table runner.  Well, a couples moves and 4 years later, we are in a new house. I still love the fabric and I purchased it again for my curtains.  Only with this house, I used this fabric for all of the curtains on the main floor since I have such an open floor plan.
 But, I still had this perfect amount of fabric left over for a table runner.  I just never got around to sewing it up.  I have way too much ADD when it comes to sewing and crafting.  However, this spring I've got a little Finish Decorating Fever.  I want to finish adding all the little touches to my rooms so that my place looks cute and put-together instead of half-way done.   So yesterday afternoon, I whipped up this table runner.
This was actually a very quick and easy project.  I love how it ties in my mismatched colorful chairs and crackle-finish table.   This glamorous custom runner is the perfect juxtaposition to my very casual table and chairs. It just makes me smile!
 After I figured out my desired width, I folded and ironed the edge under. 
 Then I cut a piece of white muslin just smaller than the width of the runner, taking into account my seam allowances.  With right sides together, I sewed the 2 pieces together forming a tube.  Turn it right-side-out and press. 
 Now it looks like this.  Nicely lined with a great finished edge.  Then, I tucked the top and bottom edges under, pressed and sewed shut. 
 Next I took some tassel trim and sewed it to the edge using matching thread and the longest stitch on my sewing machine.  I stitched along the stripe where the brown meets the blue on each side.  I think you have to look really hard to find the stitching.  Perfect!
 Adding the trim made this runner look more formal and polished. I love it next to the shabby-chic crackles on my table.
 I just love this fabric!
 This is what I was using as a runner before.  Just a plain, tan cotton runner from Ikea.  Boring. 
It makes such a difference and adds a huge finishing touch to this area of my house to finally have a beautiful table runner.  

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Brent and April said...

Got the pics last night on your dad's phone but too late to respond. It turned out beautifully. I'm glad you posted the tutorial too. Great job!


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