Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Friday Fashions #16, Cowl Neck Blouse

I'm classifying this blouse as another flop.  I guess technically I shouldn't because it fits me.  However, I just don't like the way I look in  it.  I doubt that I will ever wear it.  So, since it is unwearable, it is a flop.
Why don't I like it?  Well,with this fashion, I have a combination of factors working against me.
1. The fabric is much too stiff.  For a cowl neck, you need something that drapes well.  This fabric is very lightweight and floaty, but it does not drape well at all.  My mistake.  I know that looking at this picture, the neck doesn't look that bad. However, I have fussed with it forever to get it to look just right.  And then, just simply walking across the room messes it up.   
2. Cute pattern but the model probably weighs at least 40 lbs less than I do.

This just doesn't do anything to highlight my curves in a flattering way.  The blouse poofs out over my breasts and then is too stiff to drape back in to give my waist a little definition.  Even adding the ribbon belt doesn't really help.
3. Again, I am having issues with cup size vs shirt size.  This specific pattern has gathers in the back (a).  That would be great if I needed the extra fabric on my back.  But I don't!  Instead this just adds an extra poof.    All of that extra fabric flopping around is not slimming (b).
4.  My final flop reasoning, with this pattern and this specific fabric, I think it ages me about 60 years.  This looks like something an old lady would wear.   I've had this fabric in my bin for years.  Actually, an old lady gave it to me.  Haha.  That should have been my first clue.  I had about 5 yrds.  I just wanted to use it up and I thought that the fabric was lightweight enough for this pattern.  Since I was wrong, instead of looking hip and vintage, I look a little like I'm wearing a sack.  
My Plan?  I'm not completely sure at this point.  I have thought that maybe adding a couple darts into the back would help the bunching.   Also, shortening the length by about 3 inches seems to help the draping.   My mom and sisters suggested adding a little ruching to the sides and sewing a gather at the neckline.  I would be taking away the cowl, but adding a V.   Then I could use the satin ribbon to make flowers to embellish the neckline a bit.
My other plan is too simply scrap this blouse and use my remaining 4 yrds of fabric on a different blouse pattern altogether.  Then, I could try this pattern out a second time with different fabric and removing the gathers from the back.
What do you think I should do? 

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