Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Fashions, A Pinteresting Day

During my sparetime this week I've been busily working on Halloween costumes for the boys.  They are going to be fantastic!  I can't wait for their reveal.  But, I've got lots of sewing before that can happen.  It's also the kids' fall break, so we have been doing fun family activities, and I've had a little less crafting time than normal.
Today, we went hiking with their grandma, visiting from out-of-town great aunt, and cousins that live in the area.  We hiked along the edge of the mountains, enjoying the hills and rock outcroppings in gorgeous rusty reds and cream limestone. The leaves on the trees are a mixture of yellow, orange, brown and green.  I simply love the combinations of colors that abound during this season.
With the abundance of color in nature during fall, usually fall fashion tends to follow those themes too.  This year really isn't any exception.  I have spent a few minutes here and there all week happily pinning looks and colors I like for this season.  Here are a few things from my Pinterest boards that really stand out to me:

I love the mustard yellows and camels that seems to be everywhere.  I'm definitely a girl that leans more towards warm colors like yellows and browns instead of blacks, so I love this color pallet.  I can't say that I honestly love all the items in this collage; most are just a little trendier than I can pull off.  I do love the modcloth dress, the anthro skirt and the J. Crew cardi however.  I am sure I can find something in a nice mustard color to add to my fall wardrobe.

Pencil skirts seem to be everywhere this season.  I couldn't be happier.  Slim straight skirts are flattering for my figure, so I am planning on adding a few to my wardrobe.

And, since color, pattern and texture are in, I won't be limited to plain neutral colored skirts.  I can add a plaid if I want!

I love this long, slim skirt,  and I especially like this below the knee skirt paired with tall boots.
In general, I feel like long, slender silhouettes are in this season.  Most of the dresses that I like have slim, straight skirts.

My absolute favorite dress that I've come across is this Origami dress by J.Crew.

Source: via Leslie on Pinterest

The neckline is just so cool! I've been scouring the sewing patterns trying to find a sheath with a similar bodice that I could tweak to form this awesome neckline.

And lastly, the jackets, blazers, and coats this season are just so fun.

Gone are the days of simple lines.  So many of the coats have fun ruffles or details.
Source: via Leslie on Pinterest

Or, if the cut is plain, the color is vibrant!

My favorite coat so far?

This one from Anthropologie has ruffle details and color.  What more could a girl want?
I have so many ideas for clothes I can't wait to sew for my fall wardrobe!  So, back to the sewing machine I go.  I need to go to finish the kid's costumes and then, I can get to work on some new looks for me.

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