Wednesday, January 18, 2012


My youngest sister's birthday is in November.  Since I had already given her "HOME" for her bridal shower, I needed to come up with another word.  I knew she didn't really have any Christmas decorations, so I decided to make her the word JOY.  I saw something similar on a throw pillow once a long time ago and thought it would be look great with wooden letters.  
I love having the nativity poke through the space in the O.

I made a few more to give away as gifts to a few girls from church.
I made another version for myself.  These are 4 feet tall.

I think they add such a nice touch to my front yard!  These are so tall that I couldn't make them on my scroll saw.  I borrowed my BIL's jigsaw.  It was my first time using a jigsaw.  It cuts super fast but it makes a ton of noise, and my arm was vibrating like crazy!  I thought it might fall off!  After spray painting the letters red and the nativity and star white, Mr. Right took over.  He screwed them on.  Then, he reinforced the wood on the back of each letter to give each piece more support.  And then he created these stands for the letters, and staked the JOY into the ground.  I loved having such a statement piece in our front yard.
At night, we had a spotlight up, focused right on the nativity.  The letters were very visible at night, even from the end of the street.
I love this new Christmas decoration. In fact, I love it so much, even though its January 18th, we still have it up in the yard :)  Well, actually, we just haven't had time to take it down. Mr. Right took the Christmas lights down New Years weekend, but we ran out of time to take down the letters.  And since then, its been quite snowy.  I will get them down today, but I am excited to pull out this project next year.

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Teryn said...

So, I told Jason about all these cool things you make with your scroll saw just before Christmas. Let's just say he instantly jumped on the opportunity to add to our tool collection under the guise of a Christmas present. LOL! I'm now the proud owner of a scroll saw- and I'm completely TERRIFIED of using it! Eeek! Any tips for getting started? Do you have templates that you use or do you just freehand. (I have NO artistic ability) I LOVE this nativity! I seriously think this has become one of my favorite blogs. I Love everything you do!


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