Sunday, January 8, 2012

My Blogging Hopes for 2012

I can't believe that we are already a week into January this year.  Time seriously flies.  Christmas was fun and exciting but very busy and tiring.  As a nurse, I don't get holidays off like others that work 9-5 jobs M-F.  Instead my schedule gets all mixed up and switched around so that there are nurses to cover all the holiday shifts.  A hospital just never stops running because people are always sick.  So, while I don't have to work Christmas every year (those years I work New Years) I still have to work other shifts around the actual holiday.  Those days this season didn't match up with my regular schedule,  so I ended the year feeling rather exhausted.  I spent the first few days this year cleaning up the holiday decorations and scrubbing the house clean, and then I just had to take a couple personal days on Wednesday and Thursday.  I got the kids fed, dressed and off to school, and then I did nothing other than read books.  It was completely revitalizing!  By Thursday afternoon, I was ready to get back to blogging and projects, but it was time to go back to my paying job :)  So, here I am now, on a Sunday night, ready to write down my hopes and dreams for this blog for the year 2012.
I've been blogging for a few years now, but very casually.  I started my family blog in 2008.  I started this blog in 2010 but I only had 25 entries that year and no followers.  Last year, I wanted to increase my posting frequency and grow the blog.  I posted more last year, participated with linky parties and gained a few followers, so my blog did get a little better last year.
This year, I hope my blog grows even more!  As I reviewed my blogging from last year, a few things are evident to me that I can improve to make this blog better than ever.
First, I lack consistency.  The few followers that I have really don't have a clue as to when I will post anything!  That has to change if I really want this blog to become a success.  My favorite blogs to read are the ones that post consistently.  Some of them post every day, some post 2-3 times a week.  But, they are each consistent.  I know there aren't going to be random gaps in posting that last for 2-3 weeks.  I know that if I check in every few days, I will have a new article to read.  I need to be that consistent with this blog.  I have struggled with this for a couple of reasons.  One, I am not really ahead on my posting.  I finish a project and try to post right away.  I don't have posts written ahead of time.  So, when my life gets a little busy, like during Christmas time, I let blogging take the back burner, hence no posts.
Also, I tend to only want to post a finished project or a perfectly staged reveal or awesome tutorial.  However, those types of posts take an enormous amount of time.  Time dedicated to crafting and blogging is a huge luxury for me.  Between taking care of my 3 young boys and our home, I also work 24 hours a week at the hospital.   So, I physically can't make every single post that awesome!  There aren't enough hours in a day.  But, I've learned from reading so many other successful blogs that each and every post doesn't have to have a fabulous completed project.  As I've gotten to "know" the other bloggers, I enjoy reading about the little things-the thrifted chair they can't wait to recover, or how they organized their pantry... So, I am giving myself permission to write posts that include a little bit more about me and include half finished projects, ideas, inspiration, yadiyadiyada...
Even giving myself a little more leeway on what I write, I am still creating a schedule for myself.  I want to post a minimum of 3 times a week.  Last year I tried to have a weekly "Friday Fashion" post on which I sewed something for myself every Friday.  In theory, it was a great idea.  But I burned myself out trying to churn out a completed sewing project dedicated to me every week while also getting other crafts done.  So, this year, I've created a schedule so that I am creating at least one guaranteed type of post every week.  However, I am only posting a Fashion Friday post on the 4th Friday of the month.  The other 3 weeks, will have different themes.  I think this schedule will work a little better for me.
And as far as a schedule goes, I am going to be more strict with myself and a schedule.  I can spend a little time around lunch most days reading emails, reading blogs, participating in linky parties, browsing pinterest, etc.  However, I am not going to get onto the computer each day before then.  Its too easy for me to spend way to much time surfing around.   In the mornings, I will workout, complete my household cleaning chore for the day, and run any errands.  Then, I can relax at lunch time.  Then during nap/quiet time I will work on projects.  After school I will be devoting to playing with my kids until bedtime. Then, in the evenings I can write.   This of course is just a rough outline of a schedule, and it probably will only happen 1 day in 5, but I can try, right?
I've realized that the blogs I enjoy reading the most focus on home design, decorating and refinishing furniture.  This year I want to spend more time on my blog posting about our home and the projects that I am working on.  I will still post about sewing, crafts and recipes.  However, I will definitely be increasing the number of posts I write about our home projects.  Hopefully, because I will actually be getting so many of the projects done that are on my list...
My photography also needs work.  I'm typically rushing to post a project and rush the photography.  My pictures just don't do my projects justice.  I have a basic point and shoot but that doesn't mean that I can't make fantastic pictures.  I plan on learning more about photography so that I can take the best possible pictures with my camera.
I think that these changes will really help push this blog along.  I really enjoy the time I spend blogging, and I plan to continue to enjoy it.  I hope you will too as I strive to make this blog better than ever.  


Sandy said...

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The Youngs said...

I'm with you Leslie, trying to be more consistant and regular with my posting, I wish us both luck :) I love your blog and can't wait to see what you do this year!

Lindsay Mecham Hyatt said...

Love your ideas; I think they will be very successful!


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