Thursday, June 30, 2011

Little Girl Embellished Tees

Remember the green embellished tee that I made my SIL for her birthday?  Her daughter is having a  birthday in the next week.  A few weeks ago I was skyping with my 3 yr old niece and she asked if she could have a shirt just like her mommy's tee for her birthday, only in pink instead of green.   Of course my heart melted at this request and I said yes.  After all, it isn't everyday that I get a chance to make something for a little girl.
 When I was shopping for pink tees, was surprised to see so many that had writing or pictures all over them.  There weren't many options for plain pink.  I found this one at target.  I picked it because I liked the slightly puffed sleeves.
Then, I found a 2 pack of shirts that had a matching pink polka dot and a purple stripe.  I decided to run with that option.  I could add the pink polka dot fabric to the plain pink shirt and I would have the extra purple shirt to play with.
So, I cut this shirt into 1 in strips on the bias. 
Using a basting stitch, I created gathers along the upper edge of each strip.  Then I pinned these ruffles diagonally across the pink shirt.  Super simple.  

I got a little more creative when I started working on this purple and white stripe shirt.  I had some extra purple knit from my organdy ribbon ruffle shirt that I thought I could use. However, when I pulled out those scraps the purples were too different, and they completely clashed. 

I did love the look of the organdy ribbon ruffles though and I just happened to have yellow organdy ribbon.  I have always liked the purple and yellow combo.  Hopefully my niece does too!
 I gathered the ribbon and then pinned the strips to the shirt.
Next I sewed the ribbons into place.    After that, I made 3 flowers out of the remaining ribbon with white button centers to sew onto the collar of the shirt.  
Hopefully she likes the shirts as much as I like them!

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Lindsay Mecham Hyatt said...

Oh, wow! Very cute Leslie. I think she'll absolutely adore them both.


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