Saturday, June 25, 2011

Facelift for Two Chairs

 I snagged these two chairs from my SIL when she was getting rid of them a while ago.  They've been sitting in my shed for months waiting for me to decide to work on them.  They were painted a bright red and the seats were covered in a red check fabric.  The fabric was old and needed to be replaced but the red was perfectly fine.  However, I don't have any red in my house at all, so I decided to paint and reupholster the chairs.   My before pics are sadly lost on my old camera, but here are the after photos.  I spray painted the chairs cream then sanded the edges for a distressed look.  I redid the seat cushions in a green and taupe fabric.
I'm quite pleased with the way these chairs look next to my piano.  For the most part, with the chairs against the wall, they won't get a lot of use.  But they will provide extra seating that's easy to pull into the area when we need it.

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