Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Fashions #19, Tulip Dress

For my sister Kellie's wedding, my mom sewed my sisters and I matching outfits out of a coral tulip fabric.     I am the oldest of three girls and my mom always sewed us matching Easter and Christmas dresses when we were growing up.  It was really fun for us to get to match once again! Mom sewed both Kellie and I sheath dresses out of the tulip fabric.  Kellie used her dress as her get away dress at the end of the reception.  My other sister Lindsay is pregnant, so the sheath dress wasn't going to work for her.  So, my mom made her a skirt out of the fabric and she wore a coral shrug on top.


For the sheaths, my mom tried out Simplicity 2648.  It is an Amazing Fit pattern.  This is the first of this type of pattern that any of us had sewn, and we were very happy with the results.  These patterns take into account different body shapes.  So, you can pick dress your size as well as cup size with the bodice.  Normal patterns assume all women are a B cup.   You can also adjust the hips for a slim, average or curvy lower half.   The basic construction order of these dresses is slightly different too.  You piece together the bodice front with the skirt front, then the bodice back with the skirt back.  Then, you sew the front and back together at the sides.  This allows you to then make even more adjustments as needed to the side seams.  So, if I magically lose these last 15 lbs, I can take in my dress evenly to the side seams and it will still fit.


I think my mom did a fabulous job on these dresses.  I've already worn my twice since the wedding.  Since it's Labor day weekend, I probably won't wear it again until the Spring, but I am excited to have this dress hanging in my closet.

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Lindsay Mecham Hyatt said...

The dresses looked so cute! I'm SO sad I only have a couple of more weeks left to wear my skirt. :(

I look so goofy in that last picture. That pose was ridiculously hard for me to maneuver into with my very pregnant body! Hahaa... :P

Seriously though, that dress pattern is darling and so flattering on both you and Kellie!


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