Friday, December 17, 2010

Snowman Tree Part 1

I love snowmen right now. A few years ago, I started collecting them. I have them scattered throughout the main floor. I also have room for 3 Christmas trees in my house: one in the living room, one for the family room and one in the kitchen. As you know, the kitchen tree is a gingerbread tree. The family room tree is hodge podge of ornaments that have been collected through the years as Mr. Right was growing up, ornaments I came to the marriage with and then ornaments that we have collected together. The tree in the living room is our formal, decorated tree. Last year I had matching balls and ribbons and red poinsettias. I decided that I wanted to add snowmen to the mix. Just a few days before Christmas, I added a Snowman Family tree skirt. And during the after Christmas sales, my mom and I scoured the shops for snowmen ornaments or items I could use to develop the theme. My plan was to work on these things all year so that when it was time to decorate for Christmas this year, I would have all of these cute snowmen ready to hang up. Well,
that was a fantastic plan that completely fell through. I was simply too busy juggling motherhood with 3 kids and new jobs for Mr. Right and I that I didn't even open up the boxes until after Thanksgiving. Lately I have been working feverishly on these snowmen crafts during my crafting time!
For these papermache snowmen, I modpodged white paper with sparkles on it for the snow, then striped papers for the the scarf and hat. I antiqued all of the edges, and then I painted on the eyes and glued on buttons, branches and balls for the embellishments. I used orange thumbtacks for the noses. One of the snowmen is now placed at the top of my tree in place of the traditional star. The other is displayed on a table in the entryway.

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