Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Reveal: Wedding Clothes

I've been super busy during this month.  My two oldest sons both started school, Anakin is in first grade, and Buzz started preschool. We made a quick weekend trip to Utah for our nephew's blessing the first Sunday of August.  We also made a weeklong trip to Houston for my youngest sister's wedding on August 19th.  I've been home for just over a week now, but I've been spending my time CLEANING.  With the whirlwind called summer vacation continuing with 2 trips after school started,  I've been busy packing, unpacking, doing laundry, repeat!  Housework has been hit or miss.  I had really only done the absolutely necessary things.   Until this past week.  Now my house feels clean, I have caught my breath, and I am recharged and ready to get back into a routine (including frequent blog posts!).
As far as sewing and crafting, again,  I really haven't been able to do much except the absolutely necessary things.  I do consider sewing my boys matching outfits for my sister's wedding an absolutely necessary project.  Her color was coral, so naturally the boys needed to dress up in the color just like the grown men.  I sewed their little outfits.  Because of the extreme heat, we opted for button-down short-sleeved shirts and dress shorts rather than suits.  Suit coats would just be too hot.  I have to say, I think the boys look rather adorable!   The coral fabric is a nice lightweight pique.  It is very breathable.  Also, it hides wrinkles really well, so it's perfect for rambunctious little men. The shorts are classic dress shorts: pleats at the waist, with ironed creases down the center of each leg, cuffs at the bottom, hitting each boy at the top of the knees.


Lindsay Mecham Hyatt said...

Their outfits were so darling!! They turned out so well.

Lindsay Mecham Hyatt said...

I'm excited for your more frequent posts. Can't wait to see what you'll blog for fall and Christmas crafts and decor, and to steal some ideas. :D

The Youngs said...

Yay! I've been waiting to see these cute boys in their coral shirts :) Great job!


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