Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Coral Wedding Shirts

My youngest sister is getting married in 17 days!  We will be traveling down to Houston for the wedding in just 2 weeks, so it's time I start sewing the boys' outfits.  I'm actually quite excited to be sewing something for them.  I haven't really sewn my kids anything in a very long time. 
My sister's color is coral and her theme is garden party.  With the wedding in Houston in August, it is simply too hot for the boys to wear full suits.  So instead, they will be wearing dress shirts sewn out this coral and white plaid pique fabric with dressy khaki shorts and white ties. 
I just finished cutting out all three shirts.  I'm itching to get started with the sewing.  However, I worked last night and only took a short cat nap this afternoon while Mr. Bean and Buzz Lightyear napped.  Anakin was at school (can you believe that school starts on August 1 here in Colorado?)
Sleepy sewing = sloppy sewing, so it really wouldn't be a good idea for me to try and start them tonight.  I'm not really in the mood to use my seam ripper, and I don't have enough extra fabric to be able to afford making any mistakes. So, I will be to better off if I go to bed now and wait until tomorrow to start this project.  So, TTFN.

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