Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Monogram Wreath

So, almost 18 months ago, I purchased this enormous wreath on clearance. 

I wasn't sure exactly what I was going to do with it, but it was such a great price and I have an abundance of large wall spaces, so I knew I could find a great place to put it...eventually.  I finally got around to working on it.   While it was sitting in my workshed,  I would occasionally brainstorm about it.  My general idea was adding a mongram.  I thought it would be neat to add a "Y" but I didn't want a plain jane "Y" that can be purchased.  I wanted my own design.  So, once I got my saw this past Christmas, this project jumped up on my never ending, always expanding project to-do list.  
Yeah, it jumped up on the list, but I still didn't work on it.  I just didn't really want to mod podge paper like I usually do to wooden letters.  I wanted something that would mesh a little better with plants.

Well, one day while blog surfing, I stumbled across this fantastic letter covered in moss.  This was my solution.  I would get my monogram and it would look great next to greenery!  So I quickly cut out a "Y" I could be happy with.  Its 20 inches tall.

 Then I purchased this moss that comes in a sheet.  All you do is trace your shape, cut it out and glue it down with your hot glue gun.  Simple and gorgeous.
Then, I spent a couple hours arrranging and rearranging various stems, leaves, green flowers, etc, until I was happy with their placement on the wreath. 

With help from Mr. Right, we got the wreath hung that night.   I love having it on this wall going up the stairs.  I get to enjoy looking at this everytime I go up or down.  And it really draws the eyes upward when looking at it from the mainfloor.

Ohhhh.  So pretty. (I KNOW this pic doesn't do it justice.  I've lost my camera somehow and I'm stuck with taking pics on my phone!)


Brent and April said...

It is lovely, and truly beautiful in person. maybe you should try thing 2's camera!

Lindsay Mecham Hyatt said...

I really love the wreath,too. So elegant.


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