Friday, October 22, 2010

Trick or Treat Banner

Is this banner cute enough to justify the time and effort?
Recently, while blog surfing I came across this adorable Trick or Treat banner that I thought I could use as an inspiration point for my own banner. I basically just copied the idea from the ribbon tabs, the bats as word spacers and the quilted squares for the letters. However, I changed the color palatte and added the pumpkins, candy corn and ghosts that you can see inbetween each letter. I think the banner is super cute, but it also took much longer to sew than I expected (don't most projects?) I assumed I could complete it in 1 afternoon naptime. However, the banner ended up taking well over 10hours total. I had already begun drafting the design for a similar Thanksgiving banner when I finished this one. Now, I am wondering if I want to make the banner for next month, or just skip it.
I really like the ribbon in this banner. That is what originally sparked my desire to make a banner because I had never seen a banner with ribbons used as tabs before. But I could easily cut out at least 2 hours of work (probably closer to 4hrs) if I skipped ribbon tabs, and used bias tape instead and even made my letters in the traditional triangles instead of rectangles. So, I am requesting any and all input. What do you think if this project and should I continue to make similar banners?


Jen said...

It is super cute, but I bet it would be almost as darling without the ribbon tabs. I'm all about cutting out extra hours of work. I LOVE the bats.

Traci said...

I am so impressed by you!!!! I would just like to come watch you do these things. You make it sound so easy, but I am sure that it is not.


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