Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fabulous Friday Crafts

These are the crafts I made or created for my Relief Society's annual Fabulous Friday Craft Night last week.

Very simple, rustic Nativity to add to my collection. It was made from 2in clay pots and 1.75in wooden doll heads. Paint the pots and the wooden heads. Glue them together with a hot glue gun. Glue pieces of muslin for the headdress. Use Spanish moss for the hay in the manger.

This Rosette pin was super easy and cheap to make. Each pin costs less than $1. It is made by layering synthetic fabrics such as chiffon and lining in decreasing sized circles. Then with a heat gun, melt the edges, causing them to curl up. Attach the circles together with a brad and then glue onto a pin, or a hair clip, etc for endless fashion variety.


These are magnetic playsets for the kids during church or a car trip, anytime they really need to sit still and be quiet. They are made from color copies of the Betsy McCall vintage paperdolls that have been attached to magnetic sheets and then cut out. The tins can be purchased at craft stores next to the gift cards (they are meant to be gift card boxes!)

I made these Rustic Pumpkins from landscape timbers that I cut into 4", 5" and 6" blocks, painted orange, antigued, and then glued a stem to the top. Finish it off with a ribbon and raffia.
These SPOOKY blocks I made from a 2x4 that I cut into blocks, then painted black. Sand the edges. Stencil the letters and tie a little purple and orange tulle for a garnish.


Jen said...

Everything looks great. I'm glad your Fabulous Friday was a success.

Brent and April said...

I just now saw the pics of your craft night. Neat ideas. Good job, cant wait to see them in person.


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